Bring Back the Police Station!

Statement by Nokha Dakroub, Candidate for City Council from Ward 9

MISSISSAUGA, ON - September 15, 2022

The widely covered shooting incident on September 12th near Argentia Rd and Winston Churchill Blvd was not the only shooting in Ward 9 this year.  There was another shooting the very next day, but few people heard about it.  In fact, there have been at least seven shootings this year alone in Ward 9.

I’m worried.  Just like our neighbours are worried.  Crime is becoming a big issue in our community.  In addition to shootings, car thefts are on the rise in northwestern Mississauga.  Over 200 cars were stolen in a 30-day period from July to August in our City.

Reducing crime is a complex and multi-dimensional challenge.  It takes a comprehensive strategy, time, effort, and resources.  What we can do right away is add a local deterrent in Ward 9.  We need increased policing to deter criminal behaviour from our neighbourhood.  

We used to have a satellite police station in Meadowvale Town Centre, but it shut down in 2016.

We want it back!  I’ve talked to thousands of neighbours in Ward 9.  Almost everyone thinks it’s a good idea.  We know it won’t end crime.  But the fact that there is a police station in the middle of our neighbourhood will help.  Bringing back the satellite police station to Meadowvale Town Centre will serve as a deterrent. 

We are not asking for a multi-million dollar new police station.  Just like we had before, we want a few officers stationed at a small location at the mall.  The cost shouldn’t be that great.  It would include rent for the location, retrofits to the space and deploying existing officers to be stationed out of that location.

Satellite police stations are not an idea from the past.  Last week there was an event for the new Gore Meadows Satellite Police Station in Brampton.  How did they get one?  Their local elected officials fought for it on behalf of their residents.

Words are helpful to comfort people at a time of shock.  But we need action.  Our community deserves action.  Families in Meadowvale and Central Erin Mills deserve to feel safe.  We cannot have another year with seven or more shootings in our neighbourhood.

Let’s bring back a satellite police station to Meadowvale!