Where to Vote on Election Day?

You can vote at any of the following locations on Election Day:

(A)  St. Richard Catholic Elementary School - 7270 Copenhagen Rd

(B)  St. John of the Cross Catholic School - 3180 Aquitaine Ave

(C)  Shelter Bay Public School - 6735 Shelter Bay Rd

(D)  Meadowvale Community Centre - 6655 Glen Erin Dr

(E)  Meadowvale Four Rinks - 2160 Torquay Mews

(F)  Miller's Grove Public School - 6325 Miller's Grov

(G)  Settler's Green Public School - 5800 Montevideo Rd

(H)  St. Elizabeth Seton School - 6133 Glen Erin Dr

(I)  Our Lady of Mercy Elementary School - 5820 Glen Erin Dr

(J)  Castlebridge Public School - 2801 Castlebridge Dr

(K)  Erin Meadows Community Centre - 2800 Erin Centre Blvd